Comprehensive Eye Care

An eye doctor examines a patient's eye with a camera.Dr. Tom Sather proudly provides complete eye care at his Bozeman practice. From glasses and contacts to pre- and post-operative care for laser vision correction, he can treat a wide range of ocular needs. Dr. Sather provides thorough exams to evaluate vision and total eye health, and to identify any complications in their earliest stages. For more information, or to schedule your routine eye exam, contact Sather Eye Clinic and Optical today.

Pre- and Post-Operative Care for LASIK and PRK

Although Dr. Sather does not perform laser vision correction himself, he does provide outstanding care before and after the procedure. He refers patients to the TLC Laser Eye Centers® and the Restore Vision Centers® of Boise and Spokane to ensure that your laser eye surgery is performed by a trusted, reputable surgeon. Dr. Sather performs pre-operative screenings to determine your candidacy for LASIK or PRK. During this exam, he will take a look at your medical history, test the thickness of your corneas, and check corneal curvature. Both LASIK and PRK are very safe, and have an extremely high success rate. 

Complete Eye Exams

Yearly examinations are recommended, especially for contact lens wearers. You should also visit Dr. Sather once a year if you have diabetes or a history of vision problems. This appointment takes just over an hour, and the doctor will run several tests, including:

  • Pupillary reflex test: Dr. Sather will check if your pupils constrict naturally in response to light. Abnormal response could indicate vision-threatening conditions, which is why routine tests are so important.
  • Ocular muscle balance test: The doctor will observe the way your eye moves in six different directions. This helps him to look for conditions that could cause double vision or eye spasms.
  • Slit-lamp exam: Dr. Sather will dilate your pupils and use a biomicroscope to achieve a three-dimensional view of your eye. This test enables him to check for macular degeneration, glaucoma, infection, and damage to the retina, among other conditions.
  • Visual field testing of your field of vision for both screening purposes on all patients.  More in-depth field testing is done as indicated for those with known or suspected disease.
  • Color vision testing and depth perception testing.

Corrective Lenses and Prescriptions

Dr. Sather will also check your vision and examine the way light is refracted in your eye. If you need corrective lenses, or if you require an updated prescription, he will find the right lenses for optimal vision enhancement. Our friendly staff will help you select the right glasses frames from more than 500 styles available in our office. Dr. Sather also provides many patients with contact lenses. He will provide a careful fitting to make sure that your contacts are comfortable and suitable for your lifestyle. If you are a first-time contacts user, he will also provide you with training in how to take out, remove, and care for your contacts.

Treatment for Eye Infections, Allergies, and Dry Eye

Serious eye infections can threaten your vision, and even non-threatening allergies or dry eye can take a toll on your day-to-day life. Dr. Sather provides treatment for infections, such as conjunctivitis (pink eye) and styes, as well as a variety of allergies and the all-too-common dry eye. Treatment options vary depending on the condition being treated, but they may include compresses, antibiotics, antihistamines, anti-inflammatory drugs, creams, and eye drops.

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